Boo Glass

Boo Glass Female to Female Adapter

Looking to mix and match? This dynamic little accessory wields some serious potential for its petite palm size. The dual-joint device is popularly used to attach a standard dry herb slide to a male dab rig. Which requires changing the gender of the water pipe joint first. Each joint is anchored by just enough frosted glass friction to create an airtight glass-on-glass seal. Not a waft of goodness will be lost to the open air! Eye-catching contours add a luxurious air of scientific style. As if it weren’t enough to boost a pipe to dual function. The essential accessory comes in both 14mm and 18mm adapter diameters. For such an easy upgrade, a quality glass adapter can double the value of your investment on a top-notch pipe that’s always sparking joy into your life. Female to female adapters are also available in dropdown form right here in Boo’s online shop.