Boo Glass

Boo Glass Frog Themed Water Pipe

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Ribbit. Are you ready to get wild with this quirky frog pipe? Don’t let the cooky fool you, there’s expert craftsmanship behind this design. A 4 inch base balances out the 10.5 inch stature with 5mm thick scientific glass. Give ‘em some water to sit atop the lilypad circle perc as it filters away harshness and cools for smooth, mellow inhales. If you want to preserve the awesome 14mm frog bowl, swap it out for your favorite banger and give it a go with concentrates! The female joint is reinforced in two-prong Dewar style for durability. This water pipe will get giggles from your most stoic friends, love from frog-lovers, and who-are-we-kidding a solid laugh in solo pleasure. Attention to detail with 3D accents paired with green tinted enhancements. The wide can chamber narrows for efficiency to stop splashback and offer a comfortable posture with the sleek arched neckline. Give “croaking frog pics” a Google and see if you can’t match that epic lung expansion!