Boo Glass

Boo Glass Fumed Glass Color Accented Chillums

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Woah, there. What’s happening here? It’s a mad-mind blend of pure glass talent in a flawless portable pipe. Each palm sized piece is artfully crafted with sturdy scientific glass. A mouthpiece sits opposite a deep set funnel bowl that holds a large amount of your favorite ground material. With every inhale, the goodness travels through an impeccable blend of fumed glass and dichro dynamics. These integrated techniques interact with the light in a powerful effect. An amazing twisted silhouette ties the piece together in a sleek spiral flow that doubles to create a sturdy grip. This beautiful chillum is ready to travel. Slide the sleek pipe into your pocket as you head out to start your day or kickstart the night. The durable design is sturdy enough to take to the park and convenient enough for relaxation occasions like a self care Sunday bubble bath. Where will the Fumed Glass Chillum accompany you to?