Boo Glass

Boo Glass Hexagon Base Bubble Beaker Water Pipe

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Thick, scientific glass makes this beaker bong an essential. With a solid in-hand heft, you’ll find you’re able to carry this 8-incher just about anywhere without care. A resilient rubber grommet at the 45-degree joint adds to the water pipe’s impressive durability. Simply load the pinch handle funnel with your favorite ground material, and savor the smooth easy inhales as you pull from a thick, flared lip. The deep-loading slide paired with cleansing hydrodynamics of stackin’ bubbles is sure to show your dry herb’s best side. Give this must-have basic a touch of personality with one of our artistic Empire Glassworks slide, or opt for concentrate power with the use of a bucket upgrade above. Or you can savor the sleek, clean-lined silhouette of this borosilicate bong in its natural high-sci state. It’s the perfect pipe for an end of night unwind and a pre-game party. The minimalist water pipe is a sure-fire accessory for every occasion!