Boo Glass

Boo Glass Key Chain Stash Jar

The perfect companion to your beloved one-hitter; this excellent stash jar is ready to adventure wherever, whenever. A useful keychain securely and conveniently attaches to house keys, backpacks, purses, and pant loops. The Keychain Stash Jar is an incredible device when it comes to heading out for the night. Discreetly store a personal amount to carry you through to the end of the evening -- nor where you may end up. Music festivals no longer require a hefty bag to slow you down, and no need to fiddle while you’re out on a hike. This sturdy storage unit is crafted from high grade aluminum with a tight threaded seal. Spark some of your own personality into the piece with your choice of six awesome colors. The portable module will also safely store dab tool tips and Advil for your first aid kit. There’s no job the Keychain Stash Jar isn’t up for!