Boo Glass

Boo Glass Quartz Carb Cap/Dabber

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Launch your favorite concentrates to luxury levels with the Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber. Quartz construction keeps your vapor clean and pure with the naturally fresh and robust flavor – free of any metallic tastes. Use the handheld tool to load your legal waxy extracts onto the heated nail from the pointed tip. Give it a flip to complement the dab rig design with an always-welcome carb cap. This feature keeps concentrate vapor from wafting upward and going to waste. Instead, every wisp is channeled directly down into the water pipe for a powerful effect. The clear, contoured silhouette adds a touch of style and class to your concentrate routine. Quartz glass quality is undeniably superior when it comes to transforming concentrates into crisp, clean vapor. This dab and carb cap tool is a must-have essential for beginners and connoisseurs alike! Compliment your favorite dab rig with the perfect accessory to take it to peak performance.