Boo Glass

Boo Glass Quartz Honey Bucket with Male Joint and Carb Cap

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Quartz quality meets honey bucket design for a 100% user-friendly experience. Slide this exquisite quartz nail into your favorite female-jointed water pipe for excellent concentrate delivery. Your legal waxy extracts will shine in the excellent quartz construction best known for heating quickly and clean cloudmaking. This useful accessory is available in both 14mm and 18mm sizes for a flawless fit. A convenient bucket design makes for quick and easy concentrate sessions, without the worry of spillage. Torch the honey bucket to your desired temp, swing the bucket inside the dome-like glass, and dab away! An always-welcome carb cap is fitted to send every wisp of vapor through your water pipe, rather than escaping in waste. This streamlined process has a natural flow that enthusiasts can’t get enough of. Pure quartz finishes each sesh off with a robust flavor and fresh taste that titanium nails just can’t deliver. Time to upgrade to excellence.