Boo Glass

Boo Glass Skull Themed Male Replacement Bowl

Polish of your best bong with a little touch of punk. This creepy-chic piece is available in four equally exciting colors: a crisp clear glass, dynamic cobalt blue, rich glowing amber, and an enchanting green. Guests will certainly be impressed as you get the conversations percolating over this epic new Skull Bowl Slide. Grab yours in 14mm or 18mm male joint size. The joint is finished with frosted ground glass for a seamless glass-on-glass seal. Its sharp skull silhouette certainly sparks some life into a boring old pipe with some badass new vibes. It’s instantly reinvigorating! The best part: it rips as hard, too! Made with extra thick glass, this bowl sits deep and wide for generously sized fills with your favorite ground material. This creative replacement slide feels much more like a luxurious boost than a make-do. A wicked reboot is just what every water pipe is waiting for.