Boo Glass

Boo Glass Swisscycler Honeycomb to Swiss Perc Recycler

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Meet “Swisscycler” sophistication. This incredible water pipe is the perfect addition to any collection. With an artistic aesthetic and high-sci design, this 10-incher is set to deliver. This unique recycler is paired with an eye-catching swiss perc for thorough filtration and smooth, easy inhales. Your legal concentrates will shine in the efficiency of this design as they travel from the 14mm, 90-degree male joint. The Dewar’s joint is reinforced with a second glass prong for added durability. A favorite feature of popular “Swisscycler” is its incredible low-maintenance. Narrow-pathed percolators can clog up quickly, where the wide swiss and recycler pathways allow for a full range of motion--even when things get sticky. You can even swap out the dome and nail for your favorite dry herb slide for dual function use! This impressive piece looks sharp sitting on your desktop, bookshelf, or windowsill -- the elegant engineering is sure to boost your mood in and out of use.