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Empire Glassworks Avocado Hand Pipe

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This epic Avocado Hand Pipe will take your glass collection to the next level. Equally mood-boosting when it’s not in use and on display, get ready for lots of “oohs and aahs” from visitors. This piece (which is also available in bong and slide form) is made in America from the forty years of glass experience from California’s Empire Glassworks. With a reputation for blending high quality with artisanal humor, these powerful pipe-makers have combined thick hand-worked glass with quirky avocado charm. The portable piece is even detailed with the fruit’s signature texture where it sits comfortably in-hand. The avocado’s “seed” doubles as a generously portioned spoon paired with side-carb construction for easy inhales. This is the kind of pipe you just can’t wait to pull out with your pals; it’s guaranteed to spark some life in any boring glass collection. An eye-catching design like this doesn’t often come with Empire’s world-renown quality to boot!