Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Blue Mushroom Bowl

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Level up your water pipe with this eye-catching blue mushroom accessory. A huge step up from the generic slides bong-makers love to include, this bowl slide is guaranteed to boost your mood. Even when it’s just sitting on the shelf! The cool pastel blue is accented by pearly white spots for a full-fungus effect, and given a touch of personality with a petite set of eyes. Simply slip the male slide into your favorite 14mm pipe to spark some life back into your bong. It’s as oh-so-satisfying as unwrapping a new pipe at half the cost. The bowl is generously-portioned for a deep set load of ground material. The frosted ground glass finish where joints meet makes for a flawless fit on any 14mm design. All of Empire Glasswork’s charming designs are made in the USA from thick, American glass. Mushroom fans can also browse our DopeBoo selection of fungi-inspired bongs, rigs, and hand pipes!