Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Cactus Bowl

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Add a pop of personality to your go-to water pipe with this vivacious cactus piece! A dynamic texture, rich hand-worked coloring, and borosilicate quality bring this accessory a step above the rest. The 14 millimeter male slide features a generously-sized bowl for your favorite dry herbs. Each work-of-art piece is crafted in Empire Glasswork’s Los Angeles studios for top-notch construction you can trust. These artists have been mastering their medium for over forty years crafting fine luxury jewelry, and now they’ve set their sights on smoke and vape accessories. You can spot their signature style in the depth of every hue and spot-on attention to detail. You can count on this succulent bong enhancer to spark some life in your pipe collection! Fortunately, Empire backs their eye-catching designs with flawless function. You’ll find this cactus slide sits seamlessly in your 14mm female bong. It’s sure to boost your mood whether gearing up for some solo pleasure, or passing through the crew as an awesome conversation-starter.