Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Frog Themed Spoon Pipe

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This croak-worthy hand pipe just took glass art to the next level. Your favorite amphibians spark some life into your smoke sesh with a little charisma. Ribbit-ready thanks to high quality borosilicate construction, Empire Glassworks presents your new go-to. These artists’ forty years of glass experience shines through the superior attention to detail in this design. Each handblown element features hand-worked coloring and dynamic textures makes this pipe a step above the rest. Simply load your favorite ground material to be transformed as inhales are cooled through always-welcome side carb construction. You and the crew will be leap-frogging for joy over the powerful puff this spoon pipe delivers! The silhouette boasts three amphibians total plus coral-inspired marbles with rich hues. Don’t forget to check out our frog-themed water pipe and chillum for you and your amphibian-lovin’ friends. Just watch out for toads who don’t bring their own dry herb… ribbit!