Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Hazel-Nug Ice Cream Spoon Hand Pipe

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Another unique heady glass piece from Empire Glassworks, available at the best online head shop. This hazelnut ice cream pipe only looks like a mini ice cream cone, though with detailing this intricate— chocolate-dipped, covered in hazelnuts and building from a waffle patterned cone mouthpiece— any confusion is understandable. The only thing this ice cream treat pipe needs is your favorite dry herb, and you’re ready to light the bowl and pump the carb to facilitate a good time. Just remember, the vanilla on this American glass hand pipe may look like it's melting, but that’s just the fine artistry and, probably, the dry herb.

  • Boo’s Picks
  • Heady Glass
  • Spoon Hand Pipe
  • Themed Glass
  • 5.5” Length, 2” Width