Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Hot Dog Steamroller

This wiener ‘roller will launch you right into munchie mode! Empire Glassworks is certainly never short on inspiration. See the world through the eyes of these California-based glass masters with the help of this mini steamroller. Hand-crafted in the USA, this petite pipe is sure to get some laughs whether you’re cheering over the ballgame, on your way into the amusement park, or lounging poolside. It’s never NOT the perfect time to pull out this pipe. The thick, American glass is always ready to roll – and it’s ideally sized for travel. In Empire Glasswork’s signature style, not a single detail is overlooked making this the best hot dog pipe on the market. Treat yourself to a laugh or give it to your pal when they’re being a real wiener. We’re all about the Chicago hot dog here at DopeBoo, so we can’t wait to sprinkle in our extra favorite ingredient.