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Empire Glassworks Large Penis Pipe

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Empire Glassworks is never short on inspiration, and never cuts a quality corner in the name of novelty. This impressively Large Penis Hand Pipe boasts intricate detail — veinage and all — crafted in California with thick and erect, high grade borosilicate. American glass excellence and rich hand-worked colors will have you suckin’ down some seriously powerful puffs with premium performance. This handmade penis pipe measures a pleasing 6.5 inches of phallic inspiration. (If you’re looking for more of a “just the tip” size, check out our small 4-incher.) The ready-for-a-solid-load length is complemented by side carb construction to cool your smoke with some outside air. Whether you’re looking to make an ironic statement on the patriarchy, need the perfect party gift, or know someone who’s just a real dick – this pipe is here to boost your mood. Because dick jokes never get old. Prepare for lots of laughs while passing this one through the crew.