Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Mini East Australian Current Recycler

Inspired by the powerful East Australian Current is Empire Glasswork’s pipe with an equally epic recycler stream. Strong and sturdy American-made glass gives off an aquatic vibe with incredibly hand-worked animal accents as your inhales are cycled between the two petite chamber for smooth, mellow draw. Playful fish, turtles, sea stars, and coral accents elevate your herbal experience with a mood-boosting aesthetic while favorite dry herbs flourish from the 14mm male joint. The male joint is perfect for swapping in a banger nail to ride a wave of waxy extracts, too! The unencumbered design from these world-renowned artists and cloudmakers are ideal for both legal dry herbs and concentrates. Empire Glassworks is the fresh perspective on smoke and vape accessories that comes from four decades of artisanal experience as fine jewelers in the glass and metal medium. You can instantly appreciate the artists’ talents with both flawless design and function.