Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship Themed Dual Use Water Pipe

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Spark some life into your pipe collection with an out-of-this-world dual use piece! Crafted from thick high grade borosilicate, the California-made Rocket Ship stands 9.5 inches tall with an intergalactic air. Empire Glasswork’s knack for dichro shines in-hand as metallic swirls accent hand-worked colors and brilliant Slyme glass enhancements launch your dry herbs and concentrates into peak performance! Without getting too bogged down for sticky extracts, the eye-catching water pipe flawlessly filters your inhales through the thorough diffusion of a honeycomb perc. This particular pipe includes a 14mm galaxy bowl, but is perfectly designed for use with a banger or dome nail. Two excellent dichro rocket-boosters double as handles as you draw through the black-trimmed mouthpiece at the rocket’s tip. Interestingly, NASA is behind the dichro glass movement as they were the first to fuse metal oxide layers and create the dynamic effect. Your friends will surely have some ooh-ing and aah-ing to do over this quality American work of art.