Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks RPG Themed Chillum

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This RPG Chillum is one explosive portable pipe! Handcrafted in California, this powerful piece features high grade borosilicate glass construction, hand-worked colors, and flawless performance. Vibrant red, black, and green hues make the artistry pop as you launch your favorite ground material. The durable American glass chillum doesn’t miss a detail -- Empire Glassworks’ top-notch glassmakers includes even sights and heat shields in the efficient design. Load your material into funnel end, and take your inhale from the grenade shaped mouthpiece. The travel-ready design measures about two lighters’ lengths for a discrete palm size. Empire Glassworks’ hands-on process makes every RPG Chillum one of a kind. It’s the perfect conversation-starter at every gaming sesh. Slip it right into your pocket for a ready-to-go glass pipe that’s ready for any epic adventure! The unique Rocket Propelled Grenade Gun is meticulously made with collector quality. Concentrate enthusiasts can check out or RPG Dish and Dabber set right here on DopeBoo.