Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Sea Floor Themed Spoon Pipe

Not your average hand pipe! This meticulously-crafted design could only be executed by Empire Glassworks. After forty years of mastering the glass medium making fine luxury jewelry, these glass-masters turned their focus to bringing us incredible work-of-art smoke and vape accessories. Made in California, this dynamic design is made from thick, sturdy glass with an impressive aquatic theme. Whether you’re lounging beachside or binging on maritime documentaries, this pipe is sure to get the mood started right – solo or passing to the crew. Each detail is hand-worked, including the creatively worked octopus at the top of the spoon with high-art quality. Alongside your new octopus pal are a hermit crab, coral reef, and floral marble accents. This “Sea Floor” spoon pipe is sure to breathe a little life into any boring old pipe collection with the addition of an intricate masterpiece. Simply load with your favorite ground material and start your next smoke sesh with a merry maritime mood!