Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Sea Turtle Chillum

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Ride the waves of any adventure with this carry-everywhere Sea Turtle Chillum. The perfectly portable pipe will keep you going with flow any time, any place. Empire Glassworks designed and crafted this gem in the California glass studios that have launched to world-renowned status. This brand’s signature style is all about attention to detail, dynamic lines, and rich textures. Vibrant hand-worked coloring enhances the chillum’s wavy contours on the heavy borosilicate piece. You’ll instantly appreciate these artists’ four decades of experience in mastering the glass medium. Even every marble is enriched with a seafloor effect of water plants and coral bending to the tides. Turtle fans will also appreciate our turtle dab rigs, spoon pipes, and concentrate dish sets to add to their glass collection. This American made glass pipe will carry you from a stroll through the park to late night activities with day-to-night ease. Prepare for lots of compliments on the high-art Empire Glassworks design!