Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks The Presidential Pipe

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Empire Glassworks shows their sense of humor with this hearty piece of glass. Smoke Mr. Trump with this peace pipe, crafted 100% in America. Quality American borosilicate glass embodies the character’s plump curves, accentuated combover, and “natural” orange skin color. The detailed design gets it all the way down to his signature squint. From the palm of your hand, the Presidential Pipe rips hard with direct hits that are cooled with side carb construction. These glass artists are well-known for crafting inspired glass art over the last four decades. Each piece features handworked glass that’s the perfect companion for scrolling through the man’s most noteworthy quotes and contemplating the future of our country. This solid American glass pipe stands upright on the tiny man’s two feet. Like those who’ve worked with him, there’s a deep hole in his back that holds a large amount of ground material. Rich coloring and a bold cross-arm stance bring this pipe to life.