Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Toad Chillum

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Bring out the best of every sesh with this nature inspired gem. The pocket sized Toad Chillum radiates good vibes with soothing hues, playful creates, and powerful puffs. A flowing green glass tube is stabilized by a clear contoured stand for hassle-free fun. Nature hikes, nature docs, and every occasion in between is enhanced by the addition of this pleasant little piece of glass. Empire Glassworks proudly crafts each of their designs in California with premium American borosilicate quality. These glass masters have been capturing the planet’s best inspiration for over forty years. The Toad Chillum boasts a deep set spoon for a generous load of ground material. It’s efficiency is complemented by intricate details in the texture and shape from amphibian to flower. The travel companion brings dynamic artistry to your dry herb routine with an American glass lifespan. This piece is like carrying a springtime atmosphere with every inhale.