Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Yin & Yang Panda Pipe

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This dreamy design is the artistry of Empire Glassworks. Each piece is crafted from quality borosilicate in California with the advanced experience of over forty years working in the luxury glass medium. Rain or shine, this design will have you puffing clouds to the zen balance of blue skies. Plus, incredibly crafted pandas to help boost your mood. Pass this pipe around at your next herbal yoga sesh to channel that “Yin and Yang” tranquility, embodied in the symbol set at the tip of the spoon. Marbles at each side allow the pipe to rest comfortably in-hand. The neckline is enhanced with wildlife climbing over bamboo shoots, and the whole piece boasts detail in dichro! Thick, sturdy construction ensures that this work of art will last you for years to come – as it’s sure to spark some life in any boring old pipe collection! Perfectly sized with a generously-portioned spoon, this pipe is likely to become your new go-to.