FadeSpace S-Tier+ 25mm Banger Insert

FadeSpace S-Tier+ 25mm Banger Insert

• S-Tier+ Inserts Will Be Marked With Fadespace Branding

• Exceedingly High Thermal Conductivity of 200 w / m / K - 133x Greater Than Quartz

• Superior Flavor & Efficiency Over Virtually All Other Surfaces

• Ultra Thermal Stability

• High Thermal Shock Resistance

• Nontoxic & Chemically Inert

• Designed in the United States & manufactured in Japan

• The Peak & 25mm Inserts Will Fit Virtually All 24-25mm Quartz Bangers, Including But Not Limited To:

Toro Grail Bangers
Highly Educated Gavel
Flat Quave Club Bangers
Pukin Beagle
Mayoral Quartz
Joel Halen Quartz
Crystal Star Bangers
Cryptic Culture
Mad Rob Quartz
Grass Lab Quartz
Evan Shore Bangers