Flytlab "Lift" Herbal Portable Vaporizer

Sleek, futuristic, discreet. The “Lift” herb vaporizer is made for dry flower and has adjustable temperature settings that range from 365-425 degrees based on how hot you want it. The vaporizer heats up in 60 seconds making it easy to take on the go and hit it discreetly any time you want. The vape chamber holds a lot of dry flower so you can pack it and use it throughout the day without having to mess with it. This vaporizer set includes: 1 x Flyt Lab Power Plug 1 x Flyt Lab Mini USB Wire 1 x Flyt Lab Tool Set

  • Direct Draw Vaporizer
  • Analog Vaporizer
  • Vape Pen
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Vape Kit

Features of this Vaporizer

Portable Vaporizer
This portable vape lets you take the benefits of a vaporizer on the go. With a slightly larger profile than a pen, portable vapes are packed with tech to transform dry herb or concentrate into clean, pure vapor.
Dry Herb Vape
This vape works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
Analog Vaporizer
Big bulldog paws prefer analog. This analog vape features paws-on controls such as buttons or dials rather than a digital display.
Direct Draw Vaporizer
This is a direct draw vaporizer. Most common on portable vaporizers, this means the mouthpiece is attached directly to the device itself for a vapor channel that goes straight from the heating chamber to your lips.
Convection Heating
Convection creates the highest quality vapor. It directly heats your material for fast and potent puffs.
I put my Boo Paw of Approval on this piece. It's backed by a manufacturer's warranty for a risk-free experience.