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Gandalf Sherlock Pipe

Chameleon Glass

That’s what I’m Tolkein ‘bout. The great Gandalf reminds us, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.” Our thoughts? Let’s light this sh*t up! Whether you’re planning on a pensive moment or a peace pipe party that’ll have the whole crew talking about a day well spent, simply pack a load into this sorcerer's silhouette. The American pipemasters at Chameleon Glass craft each piece with solid quality glass marked for authenticity with a removable logo sticker decal. It’s all-powerful smoke delivery comes from a nine-inch neck length. Paired with a deep-loading bowl for your favorite ground material, this out-of-this-world design will send you on an epic adventure. Keep it at your bedside for wild dreams or plan ahead for your next Lord of the Rings movie marathon--the wisdom of wizards is on your side thanks to this precious glass piece. See you in Mordor!

• Chameleon Glass Sherlock
• 9" Length
• American Glass
• Available In Your Choice Of Color
• Branded Glass
• Chameleon Glass Hand Pipe
• Deep Bowl
• Sherlock Style Design
• Thick, Heavy Glass
• American Glass
• Bent Neck
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Thick Glass

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