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Glycerin Coil w/ Colored Inline Perc Bong



Joint: 14mm Female Height:

13 inches
• DankStop Bong
• Thick, Colored Glass
• Freezable Condenser Coil
• 90° 14mm Female Joint
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Inline Perc

Cool as ice and smooth as water -- DankStop is KILLIN’ IT with all the incredible features on this Glycerin Coil water pipe. Most swoon-worthy: you can actually remove the upper coil chamber to keep it chilling in the freezer. The blue coiled condenser is filled with freezable glycerin that makes for cool full-flavor draws. Pop it right back on for your personal pleasure or an impressive “Woah!” moment at your next group smoke sesh. The ultra-cool and ice-free delivery system is further enhanced by the added smoke filtration of a gridded inline perc. Durable scientific glass makes for undeniably top-notch quality with flawless glass-on-glass seals. Aside from function, DankStop presents striking blue glass accents, a freestanding base, a comfortable flared mouthpiece, and frosted glass embellishment. The pipe includes a male glass bowl, but can easily be fitted with a nail attachment for concentrate enthusiasts. Prepare to be chillin’ hard with this jaw-dropper.

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