GRAV 5" Jane West Upright Bubbler - Cobalt Blue

Height: 5.5 inches

• Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
• Pure cobalt ore used to create deep blue hue
• Ergonomic, portable design
• Innovative mouthpiece
• Carb hole placed on left of bowl
• Jane West logo on tube

This is not your average bubbler, but the one you’ve been waiting for. The combined genius of GRAV and Jane West presents a bubbler crafted with the highest standards in the industry. West’s signature blue hue is made from pure cobalt ore for an incredibly dynamic effect that will elevate your mood before you even add your legal herbs! A unique mouthpiece sets this bubbler apart from the rest with a showstopping silhouette. Because these glassmakers truly use the products they create, you’ll instantly appreciate the sturdiness that comes with this pipe’s cool-looking contours. A discreet carb hole is located at the side for soothing smoke calmed by outside air in addition to the effects of natural water filtration. Expect non-stop compliments and powerful puffs from Grav Lab x Jane West’s incomparable design. For even further pleasure, you’ll discover the bubbler seconds as fine art on the bookshelf in the glow of a windowsill!