GRAV 7" STAX Mouthpiece 45° Angle PLUS 7" STAX Straight Bong Base w/Disc Perc

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This is a GRAV Stax Sale Deal That Can't Be Beat!

The combo of the 7" STAX Straight Bong Base w/Disc Perc and the GRAV 7" STAX Mouthpiece 45° Angle RETAILS for over $200.  Here you can get it for only $115.


7" STAX Straight Bong Base w/Disc Perc

This 7" piece showcases the magic of STAX and now you’re looking to take it to heavenly levels with the perfect base? Well, look no further! While all of GRAV’s designs are nothing short of superior, this particular straight bong base stacks up even higher than the rest.

The world-renowned (and Austin-based) glassmasters have created an incomparable piece: it’s flared base makes it stable nor how sky-high you STAX, while a disc perc keeps it bubbling for unstoppable airflow. When you plan on popping on a few more inserts and a mouthpiece, this borosilicate glass piece will keep you from having to strain from restricted hydrodynamics. It’s even further stabilized by a two-pronged Dewar’s joint for extra protection against breakage. You’ll love how easy to reach the disc perc is for quick and simple cleanings that let you get to all those little nooks normally just out of reach!

GRAV 7" STAX Mouthpiece 45° Angle

When your stack is complete, polish it off with this impressive mouthpiece. No need to fold over your pipe on an inhale when this solid glass atty was designed to bring your pipe to you! There’s no element more true to the STAX spirit than the quality 45° mouthpiece for complete personalization. Just slide your ergonomically-inspired attachment onto your perfected stack of bases and percs for a final touch of luxury.

At 7-inches in length, GRAV’s Austin-based glass masters have put their iconic eye for high-quality design to good use with a striking silhouette, flared mouthpiece, and flawless joint construction. If you’re looking for fun new bases and percolated inserts to pair with this next-level mouthpiece.