GRAV 8.75" Helix Beaker Bong

Send your smoke quality spiraling into the stratosphere with this GRAV tour de force. Crafted with the Austin engineer’s highly acclaimed quality standards, this 8.75” water pipe is certain to impress with professional level precision. It’s thick borosilicate glass stands sturdy and strong in the unique beaker silhouette as you give it a rip. The widened base bubbles away toxins and soothes the smoke across a bed of water before it rises to the second chamber that’s the star of the show. This Helix “Venturi Chamber” mouthpiece is discretely enhanced with micro-holes that swirl smoke like a hurricane with outside air. The effect is deliciously large inhales you can barely feel. The piece is fitted with a finished 19mm joint, 19:14mm removable diffused downstem, and 14mm one hitter. Prepare to be seriously impressed by the powerful delivery of this portable masterpiece. Now, to keep it to yourself or share the magic with your friends?

Please Note: decal colors selected at random.

  • Joint: 45 Degree Female
  • 14mm Helix Bowl
  • Diffused downstem
  • Designed by Stephan Peirce