GRAV Helix Classic Hand Pipe

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Everyone’s impressed by their first puff on the Helix. GRAV’s own futuristic design delivers smoke so smoothe your exhales could cloud up a room with ease. It comes down to the engineer’s unique “Venturi Chamber” fitted with angled microholes that send smoke swirling like a hurricane with fresh outside air. Simply load the generously sized spoon with your favorite ground material and use the carb to cool it down even further. Perfect for backyard barbeques, bedside relaxation, and Netflix nights--this thick borosilicate glass piece will hold it’s own as you jump between herbal adventures. This particular pipe is 8 inches in length, but is also available in a more portable 6 inch silhouette. The Austin-based designers have polished off the sturdy and powerful device with a stabilizing foot to stop any rolling off the table. Its unencumbered design is even easy to keep clean with a simple soak and shake!