GRAV Glycerin Chiller Multi Kit Bubbler Attachment

These chiller bubbler attachments are ice cold. Literally. The standout piece in this kit is the mouthpiece filled with glycerin that reach subzero temperatures without freezing. AKA put it in your freezer before attaching to your bubbler and feel the difference in the smoke. It also comes with a taster attachment for the simpler sessions, and a bubbler attachment that will provide you with extra filtration. The kit includes 14mm plastic joint clamp to keep everything safely in place. Regardless of which option you choose, you’re in for a treat.

  • Bowl Attachment
  • Bubbler Attachment
  • Freezable Glycerin Mouthpiece With 14mm Female Joint
  • Grav Labs Chiller Multi Kit
  • Keck Clip Included
  • Nectar Collector Attachment