Grav Labs

Grav Labs 18" Upline Flare Stemless Water Pipe Bong


Height: 18 inches

Take a peak inside the mad minds of Micah Evans and Austin’s Grav Labs! Both known for delivering nothing less than exceptional, this 18-inch Upline will have you and your crew drop-jawed with awe. Crafted from scientific borosilicate glass, this original Upline water pipe combines the power of hydrodynamics, directional airflow, and gravitational diffusion for impeccably smooth inhales. Smoke descends from the unique Dewar’s joint, through a bed of water, and bubbling upward through a ladder-like stack of forced restriction percs. It ends its journey through an arched neckline with a contoured mouthpiece -- the entire piece designed for comfortable use as much as powerful delivery. Thick glass construction, a widened base, and a two-prong joint add to the long lifespan of this experimental luxury. It’s a pipe your favorite mad scientist would appreciate. The spine-ish silhouette is also available in a 12-inch size if you’re not ready for the extra six inches of shockingly smooth smoke! Please Note: decal colors selected at random.
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Blaine W.

Simply the best

Yeah, it looks amazing, but that wouldn't be worth it if it doesn't rip. And, boy does it rip!

Jerry X.

State of the art bong

Nothing short of amazing, this bong delivers incredible hits and is a thrill to watch other people use. A scientific bong at its best!

Makoa I.


The Dewar's joint is what makes this a great bong to smoke out of. The amazing craftsmanship put into the glassware is what makes it intriguing in the first place. All around, it's a winner.

Hana K.

Such a beautiful piece

The second I saw this I knew I had to have it. I was a bit hesitant to order it online since the glass needs to be shipped carefully. Fortunately, DopeBoo knows what they're doing and packaged it perfectly. Not to mention it arrived in only a few days. Now I have it and it is the biggest pleasure to smoke out of this when I'm relaxing at home. Sometimes my neighbors check in just to see if they can use it.

Kymani V.

Big and beautiful

This 18 incher is just what the doctor ordered when I'm looking for big, cool hits. It has a permanent place displayed on my shelf when it's not in use, it's a real work of art.