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2.5" Grinder

Grav Labs


It only makes sense that Grav Labs would grow frustrated with so many grinders dragging down the delivery of their high quality pipes. So that your favorite dry herbs can reach peak performance, the Austin-based engineers have designed a grinder with as much scientific power and precision as their glass. Grinding your material will prevent your pieces from clogging up while delivering consistently smooth, easy inhales. This 2.5 inch piece is crafted from top-notch CNC aluminum with polycarbonate windows for peaking inside without opening it up. To start, place your legal herbs in the magnetic top chamber and spin the lid to crisply cut the material. Give it a shake for your now efficiently-cut spices to descend into the windowed compartment. In this second chamber, you can use the material sitting atop a uniquely replaceable nectar catcher screen. When you’ve built up enough nectar in the last bottom chamber, you can put it to good use in concentrate form.

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