GRAV 4" Mini Steamroller

Sick of seeing the same old spoon pipe? Take your glass collection to the next level with a GRAV steamroller! These Austin-based pipemakers are a DopeBoo bestseller. Scientific shapes are paired with sturdy borosilicate for pipe perfection. This particular sidekick measures 5 inches long with 19mm tubing. Simply place your lips on the inverted mouthpiece which acts as an ash catcher in blocking loose debris from killing your vibe. Instead of the side hole on a spoon pipe, the steamroller shape gives you airflow control from the end opposite the mouthpiece. Two thick glass marbles prop the piece up for a sturdy display from nightstand to bubble bath -- wherever you are, this steamroller’s ready to go! The GRAV steamroller is available in sizes up to an incredible 18 inches long, and with Upline’s “Advanced Perconomics” from GRAV’s Micah Evans. Find the full lineup of epic steamrollers right here in the DopeBoo collection.