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5.5" Phoenix Bong Ash Catcher - 45 Degree Angle - 14mm Joint

Grav Labs

Height: 5.5 inches

Smooth, easy inhales will rise from the ashes with this Grav Labs atty! Extend the life of your water pipe and maximize the personal pleasure with the popular Phoenix Ashcatcher. Crafted 5.5-inches in height with the Austin engineers’ iconic glass quality, this portable piece will elevate any 45°/14mm pipe with premium precision. The sturdy, scientific glass attachment boasts a natural perc that sends smoke through the ice-ready “can” for an extra round of softening before it even reaches the power of your water pipe. The subtle strength of the ash catcher is in its ability to protect your favorite pipes from fallen ash, and instead allows smoke to rise up in a pure yet potent form. You can easily transition it from pipe to pipe with Grav Labs’ seamless joint construction. Once you add an ash catcher, you’ll never look back. This profound piece is also available in 19mm and 90° sizes for your convenience.