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5.5" Phoenix Bong Ash Catcher - 90 Degree Angle - 14mm Joint

Grav Labs

Height: 5.5 inches

Rich, easy inhales will rise from your ashes with this iconic Phoenix Ash Catcher! This incredible Grav Labs attachment fits flawlessly in any 90°/14mm water pipe--not only will it enrich the overall aesthetic, the scientific glass piece will make your pipe last longer with consistently smooth draws. Its sturdy glass can is meant to be filled with ice for a chilling effect as your smoke is smoothed through the natural perc design. You can easily shift this attachment between any same-sized pipes--no need to commit the fun to just one! (The Phoenix Ash Catcher is also available in 19mm and 45° designs.) The Austin-based engineers at Grav Labs have acquired a hard-earned reputation for anticipating the needs of real enthusiasts, and this Phoenix attachment seriously delivers! Let’s just say, once you give it a go you’ll never look back! It’s a cool, smooth experience all your friends will want to try.