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5" Fire-Button Portable E-Nail

Grav Labs

Height: 6 inches

It’s “Press, puff, pass” with this eye candy enail. This original Fire-Button design will take your wax game to the next level! In an iPod-like aesthetic, Austin’s Grav Labs engineers have packed in 4.2 Volts and 150 Watts of portable power. Heat to 500 or 900 degrees Fahrenheit in less than two seconds with the force of three 18650 batteries. These bad boys deliver 30-40 dab sessions between charges--that’s at least a day’s worth of on the go or at-home concentrate fun! This incredible cloudmaker is fitted with a 99.6% Grade 1 Titanium skillet that will have you ditching the butane torch with pleasure. As if instant heat and rapid cool down weren’t enough of a luxury, the device is enhanced with an enviable silicone wrapping that protects your piece as well as acting as a heat resistant mat. The Fire-Button Enail works seamlessly with all 10mm/14mm/19mm female joints.