GRAV 6" Helix Basic Bubbler Pipe Standard


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Height: 6 inches

So you decided to check out what all the fuss is about? GRAV’s game-changing Helix design has gained a reputation as powerful as the puffs it delivers--and for damn good reason. Crafted with the brand’s iconic quality and subtle enhancements, this 6-inch bubbler just may be your new best friend. Here’s how it works: give the borosilicate glass piece a splash of water at the diffused downstem for some natural filtration, load the deep-set bowl with your favorite ground material, and impress your friends with the Helix’s spiraling smoke for soft and easy inhales! These glass masters are fans of their own creations, which is why they amp up every aspect a true enthusiast would consider. In the case of their (not so) Basic Bubbler, they’ve flattened the mouthpiece and added two subtle feet for stability in a design that looks as badass in use as it does sitting on your windowsill.

Features of this Water Pipe

Water Pipe
This piece is powered by hydrodynamics that smooth and cool every inhale.
Bubblers are the perfect blend between water pipe filtration and hand pipe portability. A small amount of water washes away the harshness of inhales in a handheld size.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
Fixed Downstem
Don't worry, they didn't give this pipe the ol' snip-snip. Fixed downstems extend from the joint of your water pipe into the water as a small tube to maximize diffusion.
This product features a collaboration of great minds, combining the talent of popular artists, brands, and celebrities. My human and I combine our genius all the time -- he throws the frisbee, I bring it back. How collab is that? We've got to start charging all those drooling Labradors for such an epic show.
Diffused Downstem
This pipe features a diffused downstem -- the simplest percolator form. It's essentially a glass straw that stretches from joint to water on the interior of the water pipe. Slits at the end of the downstem create diffusion to soften and cleanse each inhale through hydrodynamics.
I've got my Boo Paw of Approval on this bulldog-strong glass. This piece is crafted with strong borosilicate glass that's known for being durable against breakage, resistant to extreme and quick-changing temperatures, and easy to clean.

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    Annabella V.

    Rad pipe

    Never seen a pipe that hits like this, super smooth big hits. It's also fun to watch your friend fill the chamber.

    Daylen G.

    The king of all bubbler pipes

    Seriously, this pipe rocks! A really big hitter.

    Karter K.


    This is the best bubbler pipe I've ever seen. It's more like a portable bong, and it looks killer.

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