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6" Upline Bong Ash Catcher - 90 Degree

Grav Labs

Height: 6 inches

You’ve just stumbled upon the Upline “King of Ash Catchers.” Lucky you, you’ll never need another! The mad-science minds of Micah Evans and Grav Labs’ engineers have created this cutting edge design in six inches of solid borosilicate glass. Simply slide it into your favorite 14mm/90° water pipe to discover what the luxurious future of smoke feels like. In signature Upline style, a spine-like stack of forced restrictions each mark a separate perc station--even after your smoke has already filtered through the 8-cut diffused disc downstem! That means your inhale is seriously smooth, even before it makes its way into the percs your pipe has to offer (if you even need any after all of that). This eye-catching enhancer also serves to protect your pipe from fallen ash--trapping it before it can find its way into the nooks and crannies of your beloved bong. You’ll quickly come to appreciate how much easier it is to maintain than struggling with an oversized pipe in the sink!