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7" Helix Standard Multi Bubbler Pipe

Grav Labs

Height: 7 inches

Three pipes, one price? Yes, please! A multi-piece take on Grav Labs’ best, this game-changing glass takes smoking to whole new level of variety and portability. All three heads attach to the incredibly impressive Helix mouthpiece. It’s “Venturi Chamber” design is subtly embedded with microholes that send smoke spiraling with outside air for seriously smooth draws. The mouthpiece pairs flawlessly with the taster, carbed spoon head, or bubbler push-bowl for powerful puffs! The bubbler base adds water filtration and downstem diffusion into the flow. All three heads connect at the 14mm joint via a plastic laboratory clamp because these Austin engineers only work with scientific precision. The base and heads are each crafted in solid borosilicate glass that makes them strong enough to stand tough against travel. The joint location also makes commitment-free piece easy to clean at exactly the point other pipes tend to accumulate the most out-of-reach buildup!