GRAV 7" STAX Beaker Bong Base

Height: 7 inches

Build your own bong? Where has this been all our lives! Austin’s world-renowned glassmasters and engineers have successfully read our minds and created a full line of interchangeable pieces to suit every mood. This Stax collection beaker base is crafted from luxurious borosilicate glass for durability and a solid in-hand feel. Compatible with all Stax mouthpieces, this particular piece offers natural filtration as your smoke descends through the recessed showerhead downstem and across a bed of water for seriously smooth inhales. One of the highlights of this line is the easy upkeep! Jointed at the location most enthusiasts find hardest to clean, these pieces break down for increased maneuverability--and even the downstem is removable for the super thorough. Clearly, these GRAV scientists are as mad about the cleaning process as they are about best-in-the-world delivery! Simply click the “Customize Your Piece: STAX” tag below to find your piece’s perfect mouthpiece and percs!