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7" Stax Circ Perc Bong Filter

Grav Labs

Height: 7 inches

So you’ve fallen for STAX--us, too. Nothing feels quite as good as building your own perfect bong. Once you’ve decided on a mouthpiece/base comes our favorite part: the percs! And this STAX Circ Perc is nothing short of glorious. Filter away smoke’s harsh toxins through an impressive 16-cut showerhead diffuser stacking up to an impressive seven inches. Crafted from solid borosilicate glass in Grav Labs’ iconic top-notch quality, this piece stands strong against breakage and sturdy in the stack. It will certainly soften and cool your smoke for dreamy inhales you and crew will be raving about. Unlike trying to maintain such complicated percs built right into your pipe, true enthusiasts will love how easy it is to get in for a thorough cleaning in the much easier seven inch silhouette. Simply soak and give it a rinse in the sink--no obnoxious maneuvering necessary! Now, straight tube or beaker base?