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8.75" Helix Flare Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem

Grav Labs

Height: 8.75 inches

Looks like it’s straight out of a laboratory ‘cause it is. Grav Labs signature scientific style has been raising the bar for over a decade. These Austin-based engineers deliver the best in smoke delivery with some seriously meticulous precision and the user-friendly features of true enthusiasts. The 90°/14mm banger hanger has been a rising industry trend, but it’s never been paired with the power of the Helix. This iconic “Venturi Chamber” mouthpiece sends smoke spiraling with fresh outside air through a series of microholes. The effect is smoke so smooth you and your crew are certain to be impressed. The water pipe is crafted with incredibly thick borosilicate glass for a hefty in-hand feel of top notch quality and further stabilized by a wide flare base. Simply load the one hitter with your favorite legal material and instantly discover why the Helix experience has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue.