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9" Stax Glycerin Coil Perc Bong Filter

Grav Labs

Height: 9 inches

So you’ve gone and fallen in love with glycerin, too? Once you experience the exhilarating effect it’s just about impossible to turn back. Pair this impressive piece with your favorite STAX base/mouthpiece combo for the perfect final touch of luxury. Simply stick the insert in the freezer to discover just how cool your clouds can get. Crafted in Grav Lab’s iconic top-notch borosilicate glass, this particular STAX design sends smoke spiraling through the 9 inch chamber. The coiled engineering maximizes the cooling power of your ice-like insert. Check out our STAX tag below to browse an equally cutting edge collection of customizable pieces. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a completely personalized smoke system crafted by the best in the business. As glycerin has exploded onto the glass scene for all its conversation-starting qualities, it’s worth noting that Grav Labs does it best. Which pieces would you pair it with?