GRAV 19mm Standard 90° Ash Catcher

GRAV extends their signature top notch quality to the excellent upgrades we love to pair with their masterpiece pipes. This scientific glass attachment stands 8 inches tall for impressive cleansing power in every inhale. Dry herb delight is transformed with ease through a removable diffused downstem. Sprinkle a generous portion of your favorite fresh cut herb into the deep funnel slide to experience the elite transformation. These Austin based artists and engineers craft flawless frosted joints for a secure glass-on-glass seal. The lean silhouette is 1.5 inches in diameter to complement the 8-inch height. Scientific glass construction elevates the design with long-lasting durability. Make an impression on your next date night or take self care to top notch with smooth-as-hell showerhead diffusion. This piece features a 90-degree male joint that’s available in both 14mm and 18mm standard male joint sizes to suit every glass collection. A removable downstem allows you to amplify the cleansing power while making it easy to rinse clean.