GRAV 3" Helix Chillum

You might be used to the ordinary cylindrical chillum, but not all hand pipes are created equal. Welcome to the world of GRAV, where some of the nation’s finest engineers and herbal professionals get together to create functional and unique solutions for today’s smokers, such as this Helix pattern. Designed at GRAV years ago, the Helix design is available in water pipes and hand pipes like this chillum, and it uses three small holes in the pipe’s neck to swirl and cool your smoke before it hits your mouth. It’s really something to see the smoke spin in a DNA helix-like fashion before you inhale it, and you can taste the difference. If hand pipes have been too harsh for your liking before, you’ll love the flavor from a Helix hand pipe. This chillum is an original piece from GRAV, made with only the finest borosilicate scientific glass, yet it doesn’t break the bank for any smokers out there.