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The Spoon Pipe by Jane West - 3.75" Pipe

Grav Labs

Length: 4.25 inchs

• Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
• Pure cobalt ore used to create deep blue hue
• Portable, ergonomic design
• Deep, round bowl with flat bottom
• Excellent flavor transfer
• Carb hole on left side of the bowl
• Jane West logo above the mouthpiece

Pipe envy, anyone? The eye-catching contours of The Jane West Collection have the entire glass industry drooling. From the combined experience and enthusiasm of Grav Labs and Jane West, this personal pipe delivers with undeniable quality. You’ll instantly appreciate the deep blue hue, crafted from pure cobalt ore in thick borosilicate glass. It’s just dark enough to hide light buildup, while still being transparent enough to let you know when it’s time for a rinse--all while looking like a piece of fine art on the bookshelf! The deep-set spoon holds a large quantity of your favorite dry herb, and smoke is soothed with outside air through the side carb construction. The spoon is flattened at the base for stability--clearly a priority for Ms. West as sturdy silhouettes extend across the entire collection. Lastly, the unique mouthpiece is said to make for excellent flavor delivery and will surely get you lots of compliments.