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The Taster by Jane West - 3" Taster Pipe

Grav Labs

Length: 4.25 inches

• Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
• Pure cobalt ore used to create deep blue hue
• Portable, understated design perfect for travel
• Innovative mouthpiece
• Excellent flavor transfer
• Jane West logo above the mouthpiece

They’ll all be begging for a taste from this top-notch taster! Crafted with the combined genius of luxury-lover Jane West and Austin’s world-renowned Grav Labs, this one-hitter “Onesie” parallels the collab’s steamroller design with amped up portability. At a petite 3 inches, you’ll immediately fall in love with the rich blue hue (from pure cobalt ore) paired with the long-lasting durability of thick, borosilicate glass. The coloring is excellent for concealing grime, while looking like a work of art on your end table. A roll stop conveniently prevents your piece from ending up on the floor between drags as well. The flared restriction bowl loads with dry herb at the end opposite the unique mouthpiece. It’s not a mouthpiece you see often, but has been designed from the tried-and-true experience of these industry experts in a lipped silhouette. Pop it in your pocket or purse for unstoppable herbal adventures anywhere, anytime!